David Wofsey is an erstwhile scientist for Martin Marietta (now called Lockheed Martin – the world’s largest defense contractor), where he earned a Purple Martin scientific achievement award for his work on the Titan Missile; Wofsey is believed to be the only individual (non-team) recipient. Previously, he worked in the field of acoustics. David Wofsey is also president of the Citizen’s Rapid Transit Committee of Denver, a private think-tank.

Sonic Spark inventor David Wofsey is available for professional engineering consultation.

Sonic Spark / David Wofsey
Prof. Consultation Portfolio:
Contractor/Vendor Position Product
Sonotone Corp. Q.C. Manager Acoustic Devices
General Electric, Inc. Q.C. Machine Shop Garbage Disposals
North American Phillips, Inc. Q.C. Manager Serve Drives
Simmonds Aerocessories, Inc Research Technician Aircraft Instruments
Animation Equipment Design Engineer Photography Equipment
Martin Marietta Corp. Senior Engineer Manufacturing / Test Equipment
Bendix Corp. Welding Engineer Life Support System / Space Shuttle
Hathaway Instruments, Inc. Technical Writer Power Fault Monitoring Equipment
Gardner Denver, Inc. Q.C. Machine Shop Mining Equipment
IBM / Coors, Inc. Q.C. Inspection Ceramic Electrical Plates
Allison Gas Turbine /
Woodward Governor Co.
Q.C. Source
Generator Control Panel
for Navy Boat
Exxon / Micormotion, Inc. Q.C. Source Rep. Mass Flow Meters
Exxon / Sunstrand, Inc. Q.C. Source Rep. Industrial Pumps
Stewart Stevenson, Inc. /
Woodward Governor Co.
Q.C. Source Rep. Power Generator
Regulators and Syncronizers
Stewart Stevenson, Inc. /
Kaiser Eng. / Army Corp. Eng.
Independent On-Site
Q.C. Representative
2700 KW Diesel
Generator Installation
Martin Marietta / Sonic Spark Consulting Engineer Welding Systems Development
Enron Power Corp. /
Thermal Dynamics, Inc.
Q.C. Auditor
ISO 9001
Power Cooling Towers
Eron Power Corp /
Lear Siegler Measurements, Inc.
Q.C. Auditor
ISO 9001
Chemical Emissions
Monitoring Equipment, CEMS
Eron Power Corp /
Lear Siegler Measurments, Inc.
Q.C. Source Rep. CEMS Console for Shipment
to Teeside, England
Delmarve Power Corp. Q.C. Auditor Chemical Emissions
Monitoring Equipment
Stewart Stevenson, Inc. Q.C. Auditor
ISO 9001
Metal Sanding Equipment
Trans Continental
Gas Pipeline / NAPTECK
Q.C. Source Rep. 16 Inch Steel Pipe
Personal Details:

Born White Plains, NY
Weight: 165 Lbs.
Height: 5′ 8″
Children: 3


R.C.A. Institutes: New York City, Certificate in Electrical Engineering; Colorado University: Applied Mathematics, Engineering English, Chemistry, Etc. Self-Study Courses: CREI, and Healthkit: Digital Electronics and Microprocessors.

Position Qualifications:

Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Test Engineer, Electrical and Electronic Tool design, Technical Writer, Welding Specialist, Process Instrumentation, and Electro-Mechanical Instrument Development.

Plant Experience:

Electric arc welding, spot welding, brazing, induction brazing, plating, cleaning, miniature precision operations, magnetizing, machine maintenance, quality assuarance, instrument calibration, environmmental testing, expediting and process trouble shooting.

Positions and Assignments:

July ’90 to Oct. ’94
Client Company: Martin Marietta Corp.
Supplier Company: Sonic Spark, Lakewood, CO
Product: Titan Space Booster
Shop Equipment: Milling Machine, Tooling Lathe, 6″ lathe, Warner Swazey #3 & #2 Turrent Lathes, Plus Misc. shop tools.
Assignment: Develop concepts of testing and control for production installation of Penetration Control for Structural Welding. System of Penetration Control installed on seven welding machines for the production of Space Boosters. Also, developed prototype sensing system that monitors the weld in real time, and detects weld anomolies in process with a sensitivity equivalent to X-ray detection. Provided Electrical, Electronic, and machine shop support to the Advanced Manufacturing Technology metals to implement the Penetration Control System.

Sept. ’94
Client Company: ENRON
Supplier Company: PAMCO of Denver, CO
Product: Gas Compressor Skid
Assignment: Inspection to drawings, and witnessing of Hydro Pressure Testing of Suction and Discharge Bottles. Also, Hydro Pressure Testing of Suction and Discharge Bottles and check of sensor wiring.

April ’93
Client Company: Trans Continental Gas Pipe Line
Supplier Company: NAPTECH of Clearfield, UT
Product: Steel pipe prepared for field installation
Assignment: Review of drawings and specifications of 16 inch steel pipe. measured bends, edge preparation, and paint requirements. Also reviewed data on heat treat, checked tagging marking.

July ’92
Client Company: Delmarva Power
Supplier Company: Custom Instrument Service of Englewood, CO
Product: Chemical Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Assembly of equipment for the monitoring of chemical pollutants as per requirements of CFR-40 part 60
Assignment: Survey questionnaire to review operation.

July ’92 and as requested; March ’88
Client Company: Exxon Corp.
Supplier Company: Micromotion, Inc. of Boulder, CO
Product: Mass flow, liquid monitoring systems
Assignment: Witness testing, review of X-rays, certifications, and general operations.

Apr. ’92
Client Company: Enron Power Corp.
Supplier Company: Lear Siegler Measurement Controls Corp. of Englewood, CO
Assignment: Audit LSMCC for conformance to Specifications ISO-9001

May ’92
Client Company: Enron Power Corp.
Supplier Company: Lear Siegler Measurement Controls Corp. of Englewood, CO
Product: Chemical Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Design, development, and assembly of CEMS.
Assignment: Witness testing of CEMS for shipment to Teeside, England.

Feb. ’92
Client Company: Stewart Stevenson
Supplier Company: Bandit, Inc. of Denver, CO
Product: Banding devices
Assignment: Audit for conformance to ISO-9001.

Oct. ’91
Client Company: Enron Power Co.
Supplier Company: Thermo Dynamics Towers, Inc.
Product: Cooling Tower Systems for power companies and large manufacturing plants
Assignment: Audit for conformance to ISO-9001.

July ’89 to May ’90
Client Company: Stewart Stevenson
Supplier Company: Kaiser Engineers, Falcoln Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO
Assignment: Independent Q.C. Representative to Kaiser for installation of a 2700 KW Diesel Generator.
Duties: Wrote Q.C. manual, daily reports to Kaiser, preparation of work phase meetings, safety reviews, inspection of work phases, test documentation, coordinate work effort when Job Supervisor was not on site, expedite work and material problems to maintain control schedule. Witness testing of Diesel Generator Installation. Battery Room testing.

Oct. ’89
Client Company: Stewart Stevenson
Supplier Company: Colorado Engineering Experimental Station( CEESI), Nunn, CO
Product: Test facility for the calibration and testing of a Gas Flow Sensor
Assignment: Review calibration procedures. Verify Standards traceability to NBS.

Aug. ’87 to May ’88
Client Company: Allison Gas Turbine
Supplier Company: Woodward Governor Company, Ft. Collins, CO
Product: Remote Control Panel for the control of Gas Turbine Generator for U.S. Navy ship installation
Assignment: Review of drawings, specifications and test procedures on Local Operating Control Panel (LOCOP), for shipboard installation. Witness testing of LOCOP, Q.C. inspection of assembly, and witnessing of EMI testing.

Dec. ’87
Client Company: Exxon Corp.
Supplier Company: Sundstrand Fluid Handling of Golden, CO
Product: Industrial type pumps
Assignment: Witness testing and Q.C. inspection.

1987 on request
Client Company: Stewart Stevenson
Supplier Company: Woodward Governor Company, Ft. Collins, CO
Product: Governors and Synchronizers for Electric Power Generators
Assignment: Q.A. and witness testing of Governors and Synchronizers.

1988 as required
Quality Control Rep. contract for:
Petrochem International: P.O. Box 3528 Dallas, Texas 75235
Exxon Corporation @ Micro Motion : Boulder, Colorado
Flow Meters @ Sundstrand Fluid handling : Arvada, Colorado
Special order: Heavy Duty Pumps.

Dec. ’86 to Jan. ’88
Quality Control Rep. contract for:
MTB Quality Control, Inc. : P.O. Box 1447 Crosby, Texas 77532
Allison Gas Turbine @ Woodward Governor Co. : Fort Collins, Colorado
Local Operating Control Panel for a 2500 KW Ship Turbine Gas Generator.
Stewart & Stevenson @ Woodward Governor Co.
Governors & Synchronizers

Jan. ’87 to Present
Manager, Product Developer
Sonic Spark, improved plugs for cars and heavy duty vehicles

April ’80 to June ’85
Development Engineer
Seam tracker Systems : 1138 So. Bannock Denver, Colorado 80223
Control System for Structural Welding.

Oct. ’78 to Mar. ’82
Numerical Control Machines Tech.
Floor Inspector Machine Shop
Gardner Denver, Cooper Industries
98th Ave. Henderson, Colorado 80229

Sept. ’70 to Sept. ’78
Hearing Audiologist, Owner, Manager
Prudential Hearing Aid Service
42 Broadway Denver, Colorado 80203

Nov. ’69 to Apr. ’70
Technical Writer
Hathaway Instruments, Inc.
5250 East Evans Denver, Colorado 80222
Fault Detecting Equipment for electric Power Systems

May ’70 to July ’70
Test Engineer
Matron Systems : P.O. Box 507 Littleton, Colorado 80120
Automated Testing Equipment

Mar. ’69 to July ’69
Materials & Process Engineer
Bendix Corp. Instr. & Life Support
Hickory Grove Rd. Davenport, Iowa

June ’58 to Nov. ’68
Senior Manufacturing Engineer,
Test Engineer, Senior Lab Tech.
Martin Marietta Corp. : P.O. Box 179 Denver, Colorado

Duties and Accomplishments:

As development Engineer, designed control system for fusion welding machine, built up servo drives for torch control and welding power source interface. Developed Guidance Sensor and Penetration Control System. Performed welding development for welding automation.

As Numerical Control Machines Technician, wired machine installations, trouble-shooted and repaired numerical control multi-axis machines such as: CNC, Kearney Tracker, and Mazak.

As Floor Inspector, inspected first piece, and roving inspection of all departments including: lathes, drills, mills, numerical control, grind shop, and forge shop.

As hearing Audiologist, sold and fitted hearing aides and managed office.

As Technical Writer, was responsible for writing the review of all technical manuals on the following equipment: Magnetic Drum Delay Recording System, Magnetic Tape Recording System with Fault Marking Logic, Optical Recording Oscillograph, Digital Clock, Time Code Reader, Rate of Phase Change Relay, Underfrequency Relay, and Overfrequency Relay. In addition, wrote numerous revisions for custom modifications.

As Test Engineer, wrote automated testing programs using ATLAS language for aircraft instruments, and designed the interface for the Unit Under Test for the Automated Test Equipment.

As Materials and Process Engineer, wrote process specifications for Electron Beam Welding, Fusion Welding, Corrosion and Heat Resistant Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Manual Brazing, Induction Brazing, Soft Soldering and Tinning, Heat Treating, Dye Penetrant Inspection, Grit (shot) and Vapor Blasting of Metal Parts, Chromium Electrolizing, process certification Procedures, Radiographic Inspection of Assemblies, and Weld Development Plan for weld qualification to substantiate welding and repair procedures for Inconel 718.

As senior Manufacturing Engineer, provided electrical and electronic support to the Mechanical Advanced Manufacturing Dept. Designed and developed tools and test equipment for the structural fabrication of the Titan Space Booster. Designed and conducted welding laboratory experiments. My principal developments were Theory on the Primary Cause of Porosity in Welds, and Automatic Weld Current Taper Control, Precision Wire Delivery System, Welding Instrumentation System, Current Voltage Time Response Monitor for Resistance Welding Process, and a Soldering Technique study. Inventions were an A.C.-D.C. Welding Method (patented), Precision Seam Tracking Sensor (patented), an Ultra-Sonic Device for the Fusion Welding Process, and a Precision Fusion Welding Law and Method for the Fusion Welding Process (patented). Received Purple Martin award for patents. Also, honored twice in Washington, D.C. at First and Fourth Honors Banquet of Martin Marietta.

As Test Engineer, designed test equipment for missile checkout, and receiving inspection. Wrote test procedures, and supervised a design section. Accomplishments were an Ultra- Sonic- Liquid- Level Measurment System Checkout, Spin Motor tester, Variable- Frequency- Power Supply, True RMS Voltmeter, Fast- Sense- Power- Overload Detector, and an Optical Monitor Checker.

As Senior Laboratory Technician, was technical advisor to the Laboratory Manager of the Secondary Standards Laboratory. Worked technical problems of precision electronic test equipment, wrote calibration procedures, and designed test equipment. Principle accomplishment was the development of a servicing procedure for a precision D.C. amplifier.

Description of Inventions and Significant Developments:

Simmonds Aerocessories, Inc. (1953 to 1955). As First Class Laboratory Technician, developed the Eddy Current Instrument Motor for analog control systems and aircraft instruments.

Invented Water Alcohol Fuel Probe for Viscount Plane.

Sonotone Corporation (1955 to 1988). As Quality Control Manager, revised all of the testing methods on hearing aides particularly related to acoustic measurements, and methods which eliminated erroneous quality factors, and resulted in uniform and predictable acoustic responses of hearing aides.

Martin Marietta. As Senior Manufacturing Engineer, designed and installed welding instrumentation systems for structural welding of Titan Space Boosters.

Designed and installed Weld Current Taper Control for the welding of tapered skins in the production of the Titan III Space Booster.

Designed and installed Precision Wire Delivery System for the Titan III Space Booster and Titanium transtage.

U.S. Patent #3,207,886, AC-DC Welding Method. The AC-DC Welding Method was invented to control the spurious loss of penetration in the AC TIG welding processes. the method applies to a DC damping current through the filler wire into the weld puddle. Thus, developing a damping force to the motion of the weld puddle. The spurious motion of the weld puddle was caused by the quadrature magnetic force as a result of the right angle bend of the AC welding current in its return to the power source through the welding material. The process produces a uniform bead geometry, and controls the variations of ultimate and yield strengths in aluminum to a narrow sigma variation.

U.S. Patent #3,484,667, Eddy Current Seam Tracker and Servo Response Thereto. The Eddy Current Seam Tracker is a non-contact sensor that senses the material welding edge, plate proximity, and mismatch. It resolves the seam center line to an accuracy of less than 0.002 inches. The system was originally designed for analog control. However, it is adaptable to digital control.

U.S. patent #3,694,621, Null Law Penetration Control Apparatus for Fusion Welding. The Null Law Penetration Control was invented as a prime mechanism for the control of penetration and porosity in welds. The Null Law of welds states that the dynamic penetration and control of welds is based upon the resolution of forces such as the centroid position of the tungsten, arc pressure, servo force, and the counter kinetic energy of the weld puddle. The law implies mathematically that the primary cause of porosity in welds is caused by the spurious release of kinetic energy in the weld puddle which results in a high momentary instantaneous velocity of the weld puddle. The by Bernoulli’s Law, the internal pressure of the weld puddle drops to zero which reults in cavitation, and the release of gases in solution in the weld puddle. With the Null Law Penetration Control, an Ampere Voltage bridge supplies an instantaneous correction current that balances the instantaneous arc voltage by adjusting the arc force against the weld puddle. Thereby, the control of penetration and porosity is achieved to a high accuracy.

U.S. patent #4,028,576, Sonic Spark Plug. The Sonic Spark Plug was invented and developed as a prime mechanism for the total burn in the automotive internal combustion cylinder. It works on the principle of generating high frequency acoustic resonance during the combustion process. the application of the Sonic Spark Plug™ will be a basic component of future automotive engines. Tests have show the application of the Sonic Spark Plug produces high torque at low RPM. In addition, hyrdocarbon, and carbon monoxide emissions are reduced to an insignificant level.